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Sto. Nino Parish Shrine


Sto. Niño Parish Shrine


Name of Parish: Santo Niño Parish Shrine

Feast Day: Third Sunday of January

Titular: Santo Niño

Date Established: April 22, 1967

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Enrique Aloysius Ma. S. Aliño

Address: Bukidnon St., Bago Bantay, Quezon City

Telephone: (02) 929-4527

Former Parish Priests:

  • Msgr. Miguel Nuguid
  • Fr. Roger Parian
  • Fr. Marcelino Reyes
  • Fr. Alfredo G. Guerrero
  • Fr. Dennis Salise
  • Fr. Romerico A. Prieto
The month of January is a red letter date for the parishioners of Bago Bantay. This memorable and historical date in the life of its Christian Catholic community will always be remembered by the parishioners, parents, and children. The rising of the majestic Sto. Niño Shrine to its present stature is symbolic of unity, cooperation, industry, and sacrifice of the community.

 Before its canonical erection, Bago Bantay was under the jurisdiction of San Pedro Bautista Parish in San Francisco del Monte. In 1957, it was transferred to the Parish of Sta. Rita, PHILAM, and by 1961 to Christ the King Parish in Project 7, under Msgr. Arturo Mendiola. The people of Bago Bantay, in their ardent desire for spiritual strength, banded together and built an improvised wooden chapel where they can attend Mass every Sunday, while they contended themselves by just hanging a piece of white cloth to serve as an altar by the side of a house where Mass could be held. It was named after the Mother of Perpetual Help. They had to fetch a priest from the San Jose Seminary (now Quezon City General Hospital) as early as four o’ clock in the morning and then go around the neighborhood inviting the residents to come and celebrate Mass. Rev. Fr. Celso Sta. Maria became the steward of the chapel. By 1962, the chapel was renamed in honor of the Sto. Niño due to the insistent request of the parishioners from the different barrios (now barangays). In 1964, the chapel was destroyed by typhoon “Didang” and the settlers temporarily moved to the Army compound (formerly Navy Station) at Nueva Ecija street. Most of the residents then had to go to Project 7 purposely to attend Mass during Sundays.

On May 3, 1967, the parishioners of Bago Bantay saw the light of dawn in their spiritual search and need for God. To have a parish priest in their own community was their prayer which was answered by the appointment of the late Msgr. Miguel P. Nuguid. Upon his arrival, Msgr. Nuguid made an appeal to build a new church for the old chapel was too small and dilapidated in order to meet the the increasing number of parishioners who attend Mass and other religious services. Families, individuals, and other church organization members responded. Several ways and means of fund raising were thought of by the leaders in the parish and spearheaded by Msgr. Nuguid himself. Soon the first church was constructed and finished and by then it was adjudged “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHURCH IN QUEZON CITY” in the year 1969.

During the 70’s, through the initiative of Msgr. Nuguid, the entire Catholic community of Bago Bantay headed for a gigantic project. It has embarked to a higher scale of its fund raising campaign. This time the plan for a construction of a permanent church of Sto. Niño emanated. Jointly, the “Mayflower Queen Contest” and the “Prinsesita ng Sto. Niño” were launched to speed up the accumulation of funds estimated at two and a half million pesos, which at that time, was already a treasure. However, with God’s help and with the sponsorship of the parish organizations and the Sto. Niño Parochial School, which was already in existence by that time, the fund raising affairs ended with tremendous success. In 1976, another interesting event in the history of the Parish happened when the Sto. Niño church became the seat of the newly created Vicariate composed of seven parishes then.

B. Parish Youth Ministry


When Rev. Fr. Romerico Prieto took over as Parish Priest of Sto Niño Parish Shrine in Bago, Bantay Quezon City in the mid quarter of 2006, one of his immediate actions was to re-organize the structure of the Parish Pastoral Council from the existing Tri-council form to the Ministerial form. Among them, the Parish Youth Council, was renamed Parish Youth Ministry with Bro. Manny Polancos appointed as its youth coordinator and Sis. Jobelle Arcos- a student from Sto. Niño Parochial School appointed as assistant youth coordinator for Sto. Niño Parochial School Youth Ministry. The Plan is to bring together the youth in the parish and the young students into the Ministry. The Parish Youth Ministry keyed a comprehensive effort on the part of the church to reach out to, and at the same time involve, young people as active participants and agents in the mission.

The Parish Youth Ministry of Sto. Niño Parish Shrine had its first major activity when the Diocese of Cubao held the event WOODSTRUCK: Visitation of the World Youth Day Cross and Icon in the Diocese of Cubao, On March 6, 2007, the Parish Youth Ministry sent participants to welcome the World Youth day Cross with a mass, a spiritual talk and a concert at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.. Series of events in the diocese followed after, like the First Diocesan Youth Day held on April 29 at the Christ the King Seminary at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City (wherein the Parish Pastoral Council, support the PYM, gave them their first PYM T-shirt as official agents of the Ministry) This is followed by a YOuth VISitation (YOVIS) held at the Our Lady of Hope Parish in Pag-asa, Quezon City. The PYM then was just beginning and starting to build up its roster but nonetheless was eager to participate in the said activities.

Instances came, Sis. Jobelle Arcos took over as youth coordinator of the Parish Youth Ministry in 2007, at the beginning of the new leadership, together with the guide and all out support of Fr. Romerico Prieto, they planned to strengthened the PYM through the BEC. To initiate and sustain the ministry, formation and leadership training had been themed, announcement had been publicize to the Basic Ecclesial Community through the help of BEC-coordinators from the 9 zones to expand and welcome membership of the representatives of various zones and with the support of Sto. Niño Parochial School in sending High School students who lives in Bago, Bantay. The formation was held at Manresa Retreat House in Quezon City, with 32 young individuals who responded God’s call, the first Parish level activity has been a success as they plan, organize and delegate them in their respective BEC zones.

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