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Source: Ecclesiastical Atlas: Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao (2010 Edition)



Initially, this group was formed in 1994 by the heads of different youth organizations in the parish namely Daniel Villoria, Michael Sibayan, Jun Villaluz, Chad Hizon and Dan Rulloda in order to coordinate their various activities. In 1996, they named the “Council of Youth” and they opened it to all the youth in the parish.

In 1996-1999, COY was headed by Daniel Villoria. COY had a special project called Halo-Halong Palaro for all parish workers: sports and fun games. On the evening of December 5, 1998, a free variety show entitled, 98 (degrees) Fiesta Nights was held especially for the youth to learn to have “wholesome fun”. It was organized by the COY who asked both homegrown talents and some professionals as well to lend their hands in celebrating our fiesta. There were dancing groups of both boys and girls, choir presentations and the surprise find of the night, a band composed of some “retired” sacristans who really rocked the night.

 In 1999-2001, Joy Cleofas headed the COY. In 1999, the functions of the organizations are to help in the parish activities and to attend to the different ministries which are mostly composed of youths in the parish like the LCCG, MAS and MLM. They spearheaded the Fiesta Variety Show entitled “Magandang Fiesta Bayan”. They also had a Tiangge as a fund raising project.

 In 2001, the group’s function was to coordinate and lead Youth activities within PMIC. Significant activities/ new implementations: Members mainly come from the Medallion Choir, Voices in Praise, LCCG and MOAS but is open to all Youth in the Parish; The COY has been active in Quezon City South District meeting and seminars as well as being involved in coordinating with Sto. Niño Vicariate Youth who were advised by the Parish Priest, Fr. Dennis Soriano; COY projects have been the Holy Wednesday Grand Stations of the Cross, a dramatic reenactment and procession around the parish, Summer Palarong Kabataan Inter-Village Basketball Competition, a 3-day Youth Encounter in September – one of the first Formation programs for the COY, organizing the Fiesta T-shirt Design Contest, Halo-Halong Palaro 2001 in November and Fiesta Variety Show; and COY was also tapped to assist during the monthly Free Medical Clinics and Special Dental Missions by organizing the patients during the registration process.

 In 2002-2006, Joy Lapuz headed the COY. The activities then were Lakas Kabataan – sportsfest for the youth; reorganization of COY to PYM (Parish Youth Ministry); Halo-Halong Palaro for the Youth and Acoustic Nights with the Youth.

 In 2007, new core group members were appointed. It was headed by Diane Maling and other members were Michelle Macusi (PACT), Larraine Amanquiton (LCCG), Henry Gacosta (MLM) and Yves Bañas (MOAS). The programs that were implemented are as follows: Youth Assembly; Diocesan Youth Day; PPCRV Volunteers for 2007 Election; YOVIS 2007; Tambayan “OctoberFest”; Vicariate Living Rosary; and Youth Concert.

 Before 2007 ended, Larraine Amanquiton headed the ministry. Under her leadership, youth who are not members of parish ministries from the different zones of the parish were encouraged to join. The ministry was able to participate actively in the different programs of the Diocese and Vicariate. On-going formation programs and recreational activities are being conducted for the youth of the PMIC community up to now.

PYM Officers (Formation Year 2011-2012) 

Coordinator: Larraine L. Amanquiton
Department Heads:
Secretariat: Kairah Fatima N. Guillen
Finance: Share Mae P. Maling
Dance & Drama: Yves G. Bañas
Music: John Carlo D. Catungal
Formation: Karla B. Undajare
Human Resource: Ma. Isabella R. Guillermo
Sports: Dean A. Guarino
Zone Coordinators:
1 – Jospeh Albert G. Gajo
2 – Benelyn Reih O. Mandane
5 – Mark Anthony T. Lariba
JAM Coordinators:
1 – Ma. Jenny B. Jacosalem
2 – Shara Mae P. Maling
Ministry Representatives:
LCCG – Sheian G. Buendia
MOAS – Kelvin D. Garcia

Formation Programs

 I. Title: JAM (Jesus And Me) Youth Formation Program


 II. Date and Time: 2011 III. Venue: PMIC and Out-of-Town

(Specific date of Implementation)(Where)

 IV. Objective:

  1. To increase level of participation in the Church among young Catholics,

  2. To gather and animate young leaders and ministry partners of PMIC,

  3. To give opportunity for the zones to organize and get involved with parochial programs – thus leading to a greater appreciation of our parochial identity,

  4. To provide for them a venue of formation, study and sharing, and;

  5. To promote the DPYM Mission, 7-Point Agenda and the 3-Year Formation Plan appropriated from the 5-Point Agenda of the Diocese of Cubao.

(General and Specific)

 V. Program Design:




Point Person

Needs (Materials)

Success Indicator


Tap potential members and leaders within the zones

Ma. Jenny Jacosalem

Zone Leaders and their Area Coordinators

An estimate of 50 – 100 recruits/applicants

JAM (Just A Moment) with YOUth Seminar

Applicants will be required to attend a 3-Saturday seminar focusing on Youth and their contribution to the Church

John Carlo Catungal

Pope John Paul II Hall, sound system, speaker, snacks

Deeper understanding of one’s self, faith and service.

JAM (Jesus And Me) Camp

A 3-days and 2-nights activity, an actual camp experience with team building activities, psycho-spiritual integration modules (personal, family and spiritual). It will also include Leadership and Community Dynamics modules.

Larraine Amanquiton

Parish Priest, Facilitators, Snacks, Transportation, Venue, Documentation paraphernalia, TBAs

Graduates become active members of the parish and zones.

JAM (Joy Among Many) House Visit

A twice a month activity of a JAM Batch – visiting houses of batch mates with Theology Module Series scheduled every Friday evening.

Rachel Mandane

JAM Camp Toolkit, Theology Module Series

Strengthened relationship of the JAMmers to God and fellow JAMmers. Stronger ministry.

Youth Mass and Monthly Meeting

A once a month activity of the ministry – sponsoring the mass. Offers will be kept to be used in a year-end outreach activity of the youth.

Yves Bañas

Roldan Potenciano

Offerings, snacks, Multi-Purpose hall, OHP

Youth felt in the liturgy.

JAM (Joy And Music) Animators

Youth members who are capable of dancing are selected to be the PMIC’s Animators for all parish activities.

Kristina Cassandra Guillermo & Frances Grace Amanquiton

Multi-Purpose Hall, sound system, animators, snacks

Animators be seen during parish liturgical and special celebrations

JAM (Just A Minute) with God

Spending at least a minute of silence to hear God.




JAM (Just Ask Me) Symposium

An activity every 5th Saturday of the month wherein youth issues are discussed

Dean Guarino

Pope John Paull II Hall, Sound System, Speaker, snacks

Youths obtain deeper understanding of their position and disposition in life. Community and self awareness develops.



Contact Information

A. Parish Address

13 Wisdom St., Teresa Village
Project 6, Quezon City

B. Telephone No./Fax


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