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Name of Parish: Santo Cristo de Bungad Parish

Feast Day: Sunday nearest to the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross

Titular: Santo Cristo

Date Established: February 27, 1990

Parish Priest: Fr. Ariston Sison

Address: 144 M.H. del Pilar St., Brgy. Bungad, SFDM, Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone: (02) 371-0556


Former Parish Priests:

  • Fr. Benedicto Santos (1990-1992)
  • Fr. Raul Villamiel (1992-1995)
  • Fr. Julius Frondosa (1995-2000)
  • Fr. Leo Nilo Mangusad (2000-2003)
  • Fr. Raul B. Barcela (2003-2005)
  • Fr. Manny Sarez (2005-2006)
  • Fr. Ronald Macale (2006-2009)
  • Fr. Ronald Monis (2009-2011)


The image of Sto. Cristo was owned by several people in the past. Every year during the barangay fiesta, a makeshift altar was set-up at a street corner. This is where the people of the barangay held the nine-day novena masses. It was like this for several years.

After the 1977 fiesta of the Sto. Cristo, a piece of land for a chapel was obtained at 144 M.H. del Pilar Street. Another lot was bought, located at 11 Sanchez Street. This lot adjoins the one on M.H. del Pilar. A group then set out to solicit funds for the construction of a chapel. Due to lack of finances, the chapel remained a lot without walls and roof and only a table for an altar.

In 1986, a second group became committed to finish the chapel that was started several years ago. By this time, the chapel had walls and a roof. Mass was being celebrated every Sunday morning and evening. With the help of churchgoers and friends, the Sto. Cristo Chapel was finally built.

In 1990, the late Jaime Cardinal Sin officially declared Sto Cristo de Bungad a parish and appointed Fr. Benedicto Santos as their first parish priest.

Source: Ecclesiastical Atlas: Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao (2010 Edition)



Since the early beginnings of the parish community in the 70’s, the youth has been actively involved in the parish activities. Though lacking in structure and formation programs compared to its present counterpart, the youth helped molded the  consciousness of the community as an ecclesial body with its involvement in fiesta activities and other liturgical celebrations in Brgy. Bungad.

It 2009 though it has emerged as renewed ministry. New structure and formation programs were introduced. The new parish priest, Fr. Jojo Monis introduced the diocesan JAM Formation Program. An entry activity, JAM Young Leaders’ Camp proved to be the best way to bring back the youth to the church.

To date, SCP-PYM conducted five batches of JAM Young Leaders Camp. Including the graduates of the vicariate and diocesan JAM Young Leaders’ Camp the JAM Formation Program has produced one hundred sixteen graduates who are actively involved in the various ministries of the church.

PYM Officers (Formation Year 2011-2012)

President: Hernan Bautista
Vice President (External): Paulo James Francisco
Vice President (Internal): Shane Ann Estaris
Secretary Internal: Mary Joy Ponce
Secretary External: Kriscia Rea Taan
Treasurer: Yvette Ylagan
Auditor: Lawrence Gayundato
PRO: Becca Rivera


Sports Committee: Eric Credo
Social Advocacy and Political Involvement: Salve Keisha Calvan
Academic Committee: Rebecca Rivera

Formation Committee: Paulo James Francisco
Liturgical Committee: Lamberto Perjes Jr.
Socials Committee: Ruffy Laurio
Apostolate Committee: Gerard Virgo

JAM Batch Heads & Assistants

Batch 1: Rucelle Infante

Assistant: Jennielyn Damayo

Batch 2: Christine Lara Taan

Batch 3: Vanessa Nobleza

Assistant: Billy Badango

Batch 4: James Ryan Paderon

Assistant: Ed Jonathan Ponce

Batch 5: Sheila Marie dela Cruz

Assistant: Dave Atienza

Formation Programs

Like any other Parish Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Cubao, SCP-PYM regularly spearheads formation programs as well as youth involvements in the parish activites. SCP-PYM conducts the following programs and involvements:

  1. JAM Young Leaders Camp (twice a year). This is a weekend camp for the youth which serves as an entry program for the Parish Youth Ministry. The camp includes the following formation modules: Team Building Activities, Psycho-Spiritual Dynamics, Family Dynamics, Leadership Assessment, and Community Integration. The camp begins on Friday afternoon at the identified camp site and ends with a thanksgiving mass and testimonial night at the parish church on Sunday evening.
  2. Youth Mass (every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month 6:30PM at the parish church). During youth mass SCP-PYM members take the role of a choir, lector and commentator as well as greeters and collectors. This gives our youth to get involve in the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration not just as passive bystanders but as active fellows in the celebration of the mass.
  3. JAM House Visit (every Saturday 7:00PM at a Jammer’s house). As graduates of the Jesus and Me (JAM) Young Leaders’ Camp , the SCP-PYM conduct post-camp activities like the JAM House Visit. This weekend youth activity allows us to know deeper our fellow youth and interact with his/her family. The visit includes the following activity: Prayer, Bible Sharing, Theology Series and Interaction with the host family.
  4. Kapihan @ Bolahan (once a month). The idea of Kapihan @ Bolahan is to engage the youth with other Jammers from the different parishes of the diocese who have undergone the same JAM Program. The interaction involves discussions on Social Issues and Sports activities. The Kapihan@Bolahan-JAM Brethren League (KB-JBL) is the diocesan counterpart of Kapihan@Bolahan.
  5. Thank God It’s Friday/Saturday (TGIF/S) (conducted once a month at the parish church). It is a spiritual-formation program which allows the youth to deepen our intimacy with God, enable us to reflect on our daily lives in the realm of faith. This activity gathers the fruits of prayer and reflections of the youth during the month. It is shared during TGIF/S.
  6. Kaya Ko Sunday School (every Sunday, 7:30-10:30AM). SCP-PYM assists the Social Service and Development Ministry and the VolCats in the Sunday school for the scholars of the parish. They conduct tutoral lessons for Science and Mathematics as well as skills training in music and the arts.

Alongside with these regular activities of the PYM, the ministry has also spearheaded big events for the parish like Sto. Cristo Got Talent, Flores de Mayo Catechesis among others. The most challenging of them all though is the annual Via Crucis.

Several years ago, SCP-PYM does the traditional passion play inside the church. Due to lack of number, the Ministry conducts auditions and subsequent acting workshops to be able to identify the artists and production team members who will perform in the annual Holy Week Passion Play.

In 2009 though, Rev. Fr. Jojo Monis became the Parish Priest of the Santo Cristo. He introduced the JAM Formation Program which brought new members to the Ministry.

After a year after the JAM Program, with three batch of JAM, Fr. Jojo proposed a re-enactment of the Via Crucis  on the streets of the parish instead of the usual passion play inside the church.  Though the Ministry recognized that the task at hand is quite daunting, they organized their ranks to respond to the challenge.

Brother's Kiss. JAM Batch 1, Lemery , Batangas (April 29-May 1, 2009)

JAM Batch 4 (Baguio City, May 28-30,2010)

Volunteers for Clinical Stress Debriefing of Children @ San Antonio de Padua Parish after Ondoy (Octobr 4, 2009)

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