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Historical Background

A. Parish

B. Parish Youth Ministry

It was in 1991 that the Parish Youth Council (PYC) of San Antonio de Padua was organized. Fr. Eleno Tepace initiated the move and encouraged various youth organizations for the formation of the council. The PYC served as the umbrella organization for all the youth groups that were serving in the parish.

Today the Parish Youth Council, whose name was changed to Parish Youth Ministry in 2001 by the Archdio­cese of Manila, has continuously grown with members aging from thirteen to the late thirties. Its change of name from a council to a ministry was a move to signify that the organization is bound by its pastoral and ministerial work for the Church. The Parish Youth Ministry is also the most pampered organization of the parishes all over the country, as future leaders of the Church are expected from it. The PYM is now actively involved in the formation programs of young people. This program aims to realize that the youth is the hope of our Mother Church.


To become great leaders of tomorrow by committing ourselves to God through service with compassion


  1. To unite the youth in the community and bring them back to the church
  2. To develop among the youth deeper relationship with God
  3. To strengthen young peoples’ faith and love for God and the community
  4. To commit ourselves to become responsible followers of God


A. PYM Officers

Youth Coordinator :  Glaiza Lidron Goncena

Assistant Coordinator Patricia  Isabel Borja Arcilla

Secretary: Michelle Suaiso Angulo

Treasurer: Marco Suaiso Angulo

Auditor: Romeo Victor Olan Vergara

Public Relations Officer: Romualdo Valentin Olan Vergara


Social Action Head:  Marilyn Haboc Castino

Spiritual Head Maria Cristina Matnog Carrillo

Creative/Events Head: Janella Grace Benedicto Batac

 Youth Organizations Representatives

Ministry of Altar Servers (MAS): Christopher Rey Arambulo

Children’s Ministry: Jayson Donor Zabala

Youth for Christ (YFC) : Maria Fe Fagar

Singles for Christ (SFC) : Arnel Dalisay

Ministry of Lectors:  Anne Alcala

Ministry of Greeters and Collectors Rochell Benaid

El Shaddai Youth:  Renie Rose Bismonte

San Antonio de Padua Choir:  Roni Benaid

Servants of Mary:  Choir Teddy Orias

Legion of Mary:  Alma Glory Anisco

Vocational Ministry:  Rizelle Rodriguez

B. Regular Activities

Fomation Programs

 JAM Young Leaders’ Camp

     Since its birth in 2001, the Jesus and Me (JAM) Young Leaders’ Camp has gathered a great number of youths to bring them back, if not closer, to the Church. A group of seminarians from San Jose Seminary initiated the movement, with the vision of reuniting the new generation with God in a not-very-‘churchy’ fashion. Hence the idea of ‘jamming’ was conceived: people getting together in a manner that is not traditional but appealing to the youth. From the diocesan to the vicariate level, JAM has been adopted down to different parishes across the region as an effective program to attract the youth to become active members of the Church to serve the Lord.

     The Parish Youth Ministry of San Antonio de Padua Parish had its first batch of ‘JAMmers’ in February 2010 in Cavite, the facilitators of which were JAMmers of SADP themselves who underwent the program in the diocesan and vicariate levels. It was succeeded by the second batch in April of the same year in Nueva Ecija. Fund-raising activities have been ongoing for the upcoming batches of JAM in the following months.

     The PYM continues to exert effort to strengthen the bond among the youth, anchored at their faith in and love for the One God they serve.

 Gallery (Pictures)

 Contact Information

A. Parish Address

Madre Silva St. Roxas District
Quezon City

B. Telephone No./Fax



  1. Marco Angulo says:

    West Riverside corner Lincoln Streets, Barangay San Antonio, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City — ito po ang address ng aming parish 🙂 Salamat po 🙂

  2. marilyn says:

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