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Resurrection of Our Lord Parish


Historical Background

A. Parish

The Resurrection of our lord parish took root during the Japanese Occupation, when some guerillas build a make-shift structure to serve us their hide out in Barrio Paltok. The structure was used also as their place of worship. Immediately after the war, the surviving guerillas decided to stay on in Paltok, and built a real chapel the same spot, at Basa Street

 The community made the Immaculate Conception their patroness but not for long. As the community grew, it was decided that more apt as patron was the Risen Christ, who represents victory over death and defeat of the Japanese Army. The foundation anniversary is January 15, 1975. The community is dream to have a real parish was finally realize on March 23, 1975, a Palm Sunday, with the installation of its first parish priest, Father Rogelio Alarcon, O.P.

When the parish house burnt down in 2002, the community realized even more that a parish center was needed to be built. By 2005, the parish center was constructed and, to this day, has accommodated the sacristy, offices, conference rooms and halls, and the parish house.

B. Parish Youth Ministry


A. PYM Officers

B. Regular Activities

Fomation Programs

Gallery (Pictures)

Contact Information

A. Parish Address

39 Basa St. Paltok, SFDM
Quezon City

B. Telephone No./Fax


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