The Ministry for Youth Affairs

Sta. Teresita Parish


Historical Background

A. Parish

B. Parish Youth Ministry 

The Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) has gone through many changes from its devoted elders who have nourished it from its early beginnings as the Parish Youth Council known as PYC. The members of the Parish Youth Ministry are the fruits of the annual summer youth camp and sports fest as suggested and embodied in the PYM logo which is a new sprout from the new generation to serve God through our ministry and through different church organizations. As its journey continues, PYM inspires the youth and encourages them to be active in serving the parish for God through the annual summer youth camp where the youth are trained to be good followers and effective leaders by sharing their learning experiences to the community. The sports fest is another youth activity which is held during summer vacation in order to establish good camaraderie and bonding among them. Team building and Youth formations are also held to inspire the youth. The PYM aspires to touch the hearts of the youth to develop, discover and unleash the power within to serve the parish for the love and glory of God.


We are servants of God continuously inspiring young people by being witnesses to the teachings of Christ through the little ways of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

MISSION:*We commit ourselves to help the youth uplift their Christian life values:

Christian Life Values

  • Simplicity / Humility

  • Obedience

  • Dependency to God like a Child

  • Prayerful Life


  • Formation

  • Recollection

  • Youth Mass

  • Prayer Life Workshops

*We commit ourselves to promote the importance of Filipino culture in relation to Christian life values:


  • Saying “Po” and “Opo”

  • Mano Po”

  • Ate” and “Kuya”

  • Bayanihan

  • Togetherness of the Family


  • Seminars

  • Family Formation

  • Field Trips and Pilgrimage

 *We commit ourselves to motivate the young people to enhance their talents and skills to serve the people of God

Enhancement of Talents and Skills through…

  • Leadership Trainings

  • Youth Camp

  • Teambuilding

  • Sports Fest

  • Workshops



A. PYM Officers

B. Regular Activities

Formation Programs

Gallery (Pictures)

Contact Information

A. Parish Address

43 kanlaon St. Brgy. Sta. teresita
Quezon City

B. Telephone No.

731-9227;CP 0927-6979954 (Sam), 09162756981 (Grace), 0917-7370018 (Michael),

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