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Sta. Perpertua Parish



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Address: 280 D. Tuazon cor. Mauban Sts.,Quezon City

Telephone:363-4356;412-0774 to75


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A Short Glimpse

The original parish church of Sta. Perpetua along D. Tuazon Street was built with a donation of the Saldana Family to the Archdiocese of Manila. The small church, built in honor of Sta. Perpetua, was dedicated to the memory of its benefactors, the family of the late Dona Perpetua Saldana. The church community became a parish on December 22, 1975, with Fr. Pastor de Guzman as its first parish priest.

Two years after it was erected, mandated organizations and groups were formed to serve in the parish. One of this is what we’ve known today the Parish Youth Ministry.

This Youth Ministry had been very dynamic ever since, but what makes them special is the footprints they make in every service they do for the greater glory of God, through the intercession of our Patroness, Sta. Perpetua.

The Root

Like any other ministries, Parish Youth Ministry has its own story on where it all began. From its root to its fruit.

The SPYO Story: 32 Years of Fidelity and Commitment

When a task is given and the SPYO says “yes”, it becomes not just a pledge, but becomes the group’s commitment – a commitment to serve – from the beginning to its final conclusion. This has become a trademark of SPYO, the first organization in the parish to hold the distinction of carrying the name of our beloved patroness, Sta. Perpetua.

It was a Sunday after Christmas of 1975 when a medium-built, dark skinned man with penetrating eyes, came in the middle of the meeting of the Legion of Mary, Praesidium of Our Lady of Grace and introduced himself as the new parish priest of Sta. Perpetua “Sta. Perpet…who?” To satisfy our curiosity, he invited us to the small private chapel of the Saldana Family. “Next Sunday, you are going to sing here during my installation!”

Thus begun the story of the first Sta. Perpetua Youth Choir – a fusion of Junior Legionnaires and the Saldana Family Choir. Rev. Fr. Pastor de Guzman or “Fr. Pasty”, as we fondly called him is the Father of the SPYO. An architect by profession before becoming a priest, he has the habit of setting impossible deadlines for us to meet only to discover later that those deadlines were challenges to push to our limits and mold in us a strong personality.

But a priest cannot do it alone. Fr. Pasty solicited the aid of the Carmelite Missionaries of Mater Carmeli School in providing both music educations, in the person of Sis. Cecilia Javier, CM, and spiritual development through the group’s official adviser, Sis. Antonia Cazar, CM. They became our mothers and imparted the Carmelian Virtues of obedience, perseverance and prayerfulness.

In 1977, the SPYC became a movement and changed its name to Sta. Perpetua Youth Movement. It marked the creation of several youth arms – Arts, Home Management, Kerygma to tap not only those with singing voices but all other youth with different talents and interests.

In June 1978, it became a formal organization with the election of officers and a year after, it was gained a seat at the Parish Pastoral Council and earned the title of being a mandated organization.

Tasked with singing for all six Sunday Masses and all daily evening masses during the week was a job they didn’t mind at all because they enjoyed doing it. The Church became their second home and their second school.

The bonds that they have established endured the years and the distance. With international chapters in the U.S. and the Middle East, Santa Perpetua Youth Organization members simply just can’t forget the “experience”. The group has now five batches: The Pioneers, The Seniors, The Gen X, The Benjamins, and the present, Pearl. They are looking forward in celebrating its Ruby Anniversary in 2018.

To Sing Quality Songs for the Lord” – The Junior Mixed Choir History

Also known as the JMC, is one of the leading chorale ensemble of Sta. Perpetua Parish. Organized due to the need of choir to sing during the mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Friday) and Immaculate Heart of Mary (Saturday), JMC was born on May 1990 under the tutelage of Frank Dagelit and Judy Co-Romero (both members of SPYO)

The Junior Mixed Choir is composed of singers as young as 13 up to those who are still young at heart. The group’s motto is to sing quality songs for the Lord.

Now, more than 20 years of existence, the choir has evolved to a more mature, spiritual and vocally enriched group. The group aspires to enrich the experience of the church community during the Holy Mass by providing spiritually enriching music while maintaining a harmonious sound pleasing to the senses.

The Legend of SPYCM: It all started with a class…

On Dec. 21, 1997, a group of Charismatic Prayer Community headed by Sis. Bobot Trias conduct a CLSS for the youth from the two barangays, San Jose and Manresa, who answered to the invitation of the group.

From that CLSS, a youth group was formed. With the help of discernment and prayer, Bro. Erick Ignacio was called to led the said group. Fr. Odon Francia, our Parish Priest at that time, gave a spiritual foundation for the group. As for him, it is better to built that aspect first. Sis. Mercy and Nestor Plasabas became the monitor for the music aspect. The inspiration given by these persons gave the youth group confidence to serve our parish church.

They were assigned to sing at 6 p.m. mass and lead the Charismatic Prayer Group in worshipping our Lord through singing. Prayers deepen their faith and become more mature in service.

As years gone by, they called themselves as Sta. Perpetua Youth Charismatic Ministry, a group of youth formed from the prayers of Charismatic Group with the intercession of Sta. Perpetua, our Patron Saint.

The Branches

Several youth groups were organized with their distinct functions aside from the three main youth groups of the parish. These are as follows:

Ministry of Altar Servers (MASs) – 1976

Volunteer Catechists (VOLCATS) – Founded in 2008 by Sis. Dory Jambalos, also a volunteer catechist.

Immersion of Singles for Christ (SFC)

The merging of St. Joseph Foundation Manresa Area and PREX of Sta. Perpetua, thus became the PREX Youth, started last May 2010. It was the idea of the Fr. Jojo Simon, our parish priest, PREX Secretariat and the St. Joseph Foundation Coordinator, Mr. Nomer Jacobe, since most of the participants of the seminar nowadays are youth. PREX Youth has now four batches and looking forward to have the 5th batch this year.

Fatima Youth – a youth group formed from the Fatima Chapel, under the vicinity of Sta. Perpetua Parish.

Projectors’ Team – due to the need of the parish to have an operator for the LCD and Overhead Projectors, this group was accidentally formed. But this accident went into a commitment, a commitment to serve through their knowledge and skills in computer and other multimedia gadgets.

The Fruits

  • Musikaisa (Aug. 29, 2009)In this event, the Sta. Perpetua Parish was made-known by other parishes because of the exceptional talents shown by its representatives. Also, this event gave youth self-esteem and willingness to be more active for any upcoming events especially for the youth itself.
  • Acoustic Night (October 2009)The gathering of all Youth Organization in the Parish. Held in the 3rd floor, Social Hall of Sta. Perpetua Parish, the youth prepared songs to be performed live on stage. Different pica-pica dishes and drinks were prepared for all. An activity wherein the youth was able to know and to build rapport with each other.
  • Fiesta Concert (March 6, 2010)Different youth groups showcased their talents as part of the program. But this didn’t hinder the unity of the ministry. In fact, before the program ended, the youth performed once again as one.
  • GAME! KNB (Sept. 4, 11, 18, 2010)A 3-Saturday formation held at Sta. Perpetua Parish Social Hall. Facilitated by the Diocesan Youth Ministry and supported by Fr. Jojo Simon, our recent Parish Priest. Joined by the officers of the different youth organizations in the parish, this formation is a major success because of the active participation of the youth and launching of the 2nd batch of GAME! KNB

The active participation of the Parish Youth Ministry of Sta. Perpetua does not end up on the parochial activities. It extends its hand in joining the vicarial, diocesan and national activities.

PYM Officers (Formation Year 2011-2012)

Coordinator: Anabel Gargante

Asst. Coordinator: Claudette Pauline Tolentino

Secretary: Shiela Jane Aniversario


Fatima Youth: Ana Mae Gargante

JMC: Katherine San Juan

MASs: Paolo Laconsay

PT: Christopher Garcia

SFC: Gelyn Montes

SPYCM: Leonardo Valenzuela

SPYO: James Paul Naga

VOLCATS: Maricar Pili

Worship: Shiela Jane Aniversario

Formation: Claudette Pauline Tolentino

Planning: Leonardo Valenzuela

Advisers: Fr. Jojo Simon,  Arnold Mamuyac,  Jose Rodrigo Corcuera, Ariel Calcita, Joselito Esguerra & Maricar Ambayec

Organizations under the SPPYM

1. Junior Mixed Choir ( Katherine San Juan & Hiro Gumaru)

2. Ministry of Altar Servers ( Paolo Laconsay & Randy Clemente)

3. Our lLady of Fatima  Yotuh ( Lesie Fortin & Marcia Grace Cruz)

4. Singles for Christ ( Gelyn Montes)

5. Sta. Perpetua Youth Charismatic Ministry ( Justein Jospeh Hong & Rum Tiamson)

6. sta. Perpetua YOuth Organization ( Heidelyn Tubaon & Teresa Villamor)

7. Vlunteer Catechists (Sushmita Calano)

Formation Programs

Gallery (Pictures)

Contact Information


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