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Santuario de San Pedro Bautista Parish


Historical Background

A. Parish

Santuario de San Pedro Bautista, stands in holy ground because our patron saint, San Pedro Bautista, lives here.  Very few parishes in the world can claim such sanctity and honor.

San Pedro Bautista establihed the foundation of our Church in 1590.  When he was elected Custos or Superior of all the Franciscans in the Philippines, he saw the need for a secluded place where the missionaries could recharge physically and mentally.

He found an elevatedarea of 250 hectares thickly weed, surrounded by a creek and with eight water springs.  Fray Pedro Bautista built a little convent and a chapel of bamboo and nipa. He dedicated these to Our Lady of Montecelli.  The Place was opened as a house of retreat for missionaries and novitiate house.

The Chapel was replaced first by a wooden structure, then by stone structure in 1599.  It The Chapel was destroyed during Limahong-led uprising in 1639 and completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1645.

In 1699. a church made of stone was built and the convent was restructured.  This was dedicated to the newly beatified Blessed Pedro Bautista and his companion martyrs.  This church has now become the sanctury with the Baroque altar still preserved today.

In 1895, the friars abandoned the place and Filipino revolutionary forces occupied the church.

In 1914, the Church was blessed and a town fiesta was held to honor San Pedro Bautista.

On November 11, 1932, the Church was declared a parish named in honor of the founder and patron saint,  San Pedro Bautista.  Before the decree, the parish belonged to the parish of Caloocan.

In 1989, the three-centuries old baroque altar was transferred to the main sanctury.

In 1990, a statue of San Pedro Bautista was enshrined at the center of the altar.

On February 5, 1997, the parish marked the 400th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of San Pedro Bautista.

On February 25, 2001, the parish church was declared an archdiocesan shrine to be known as Santuario de San Pedro Bautista in view of its historical and religious significance.

B. Parish Youth Ministry

 The Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) of Santuario de San Pedro Bautista exists to foster interaction among different youth organizations and individuals, in and out of the parish, to enjoin them to follow and share in the mission of Christ through praise and worship.


A. PYM Officers

COORDINATOR: Reynalyn Maglente

COUPLE ADVISER: Sol and Topher de Guzman

B. Regular Activities

Monthly Gathering

Formation Programs

Youth Congress

Youth Assembly

Gallery (Pictures)

Contact Information

A. Parish Address

69 San Pedro Bautista St.
SFDM, Quezon City

B. Telephone No.

374-4874;373-2971 to 72

B. PYM E-mail.


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