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Most Holy Redeemer Parish




Name of Parish : Most Holy Redeemer Parish

Feast Day: First Sunday of June

Titular: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Date Established: September 20, 1954

Parish Priest: Rev. Msgr. Alfonso A. Bugaoan, Jr.

Address: 1 Brixton Hills Extension, Araneta Avenue, Quezon City

Telephone: (02) 716-1464; 410-0494;

Fax: (02) 714-3325

Former Parish Priests:

  • Fr. Andrew Cornsten, MSC ( 1945- 1963)
  • Fr. Pedro Mangubat, MSC (1963-1966)
  • Fr.Gerard Prins, MSC (1966-1969)
  • Fr. James Rijk, MSC (1969-1972)
  • Fr. Pedro Mangubat, MSC (1972-1973)
  • Msgr. Martin Guballa (1973-1989)
  • Fr. Cesar Macariola (1989-1990)
  • Fr. Miguelito Lagrimas (1990-1998)
  • Bishop Nereo Odchimar (1998-2001)
  • Fr. Ramon N. Eloriaga (2001-2009)


The present parish of the Most Holy Redeemer, began with a chapel of the Most Holy Trinity Parish in Balic-balic in Sampalic, Manila. On September 20, 1954, the Most Holy Redeemer Parish was established, its territory obtained from the Holy Trinity and Sacred Heart parishes. The parish church was solemnly dedicated on 4 March 1962, by the late Cardinal Rufino J. Santos. The spiritual care of thte parish was entrusted to the  Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, with Fr. Andrew Cornsten as pastor. The religious fathers adminstered the parish until 1973, when it was handed over to the diocesan clergy. Its first diocesan parish priest was Msgr. Martin Guballa.

A year after, again because of the increasing  population and the growing number of Catholics, the parish was divided in two, giving birth to a new parish – the Our Lady of Fatima Parish, located on Cordillera Street in Galas, Quezon City.

Source: Ecclesiastical Atlas: Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao

B. Parish Youth Ministry

        The Most Holy Redeemer Parish Youth Ministry (MHR-PYM) is an open youth club or ministry that involves activities for the common good of the young people. It includes some form of religious education and a pastoral oversight of the young people. We are encouraging young people who profess a faith to learn more about it and become more involved in spiritual life.



  • We the Parish Youth Ministry ourselves:

  • To be the young voices of the living community, both in spiritual and social formation program.

  • To become the present and future supports of each organization; worship, education and social service.

  • To become the young parish community of youth who would serve equally in different services and programs that the parish may have.

  • To be the model for the other youth and bring them toward, knowing and encountering the Lord.

  • To work with and for youth, as well as with and for the Vicariate of Holy Family of the Diocese of Cubao, to promote the full inclusion of youth and youth concerns in the life and decision-making of church and society in close cooperation with other relevant networks.


         Active, meaningful and equal participation of youth in the life of Communion and its member empowered by a holistic mission of God as a community of Christ centered youth.


 Youth Organization under the Parish Youth Ministry:




      • Legion of Mary

      • Knights of the Altar

      • Catechetical Ministry

      • CWL Youth

      • Youth for Christ



A. PYM Officers

Spiritual Directress: Sr. Marites Perez, SJBP
Youth Adviser: Jeffrey Solano, Christian Quijano, Cecile Fallarna
PRESIDENT: Lorraine Digol
VICE PRES.: Remegio Pascual
SECRETARY: Sharlene Tan
ASST. SEC.: Catherine Galo 
TREASURER: Christian Jerus
AUDITOR: Joy Onate
                                                Lloyd Vincent Sotto
                                               Mark Jayson Carino


                                                    Gerald Dan Duran
                                                  Claire Tan
                                                 Joelina Onate

B. Regular Activities

Fomation Programs

Gallery (Pictures)

Contact Information

A. Parish Address

1 Brixton Hills Ext.
Araneta avenue, Quezon City

B. Telephone No.


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