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Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish


Historical Background

A. Parish

During the Allied liberation period of World War II, Fr. Henry Demond, SVD, took the initiative of attending to the pastoral and spiritual needs of a limited community around Manga road in Cubao first by celebrating Mass in a private residence. Later the Sunday Service was transferred to a quonset mess hall abandoned by the combined US & Philippine Commonwealth Armed Forces situated on Spence-Brooklyn Streets. The setting of the place at that time was a ricefield. The farmers tilling the rice paddies invoked San Isidro, the Farmer, so the chapel that was built later became known as San Isidro Chapel. It belonged to the Sacred Heart Parish of Kamuning, in Quezon City. Fr. Panfilo Gianan succeeded Fr. Demond. While teaching as theology professor at Christ the King Mission Seminary and later as Prefect of Scholastics, Fr. Ambrosio Manaligod consistently lent a helping hand to the pastoral work of the parish especially in the direction of lay organizations.

In 1949 the patron was changed to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. The following year, on July 15, 1950, the chapel community of the faithful was elevated into a parish. The first parish priests were: Fr. Juan Simon, an Argentinian (1950-1954); he was succeeded by Fr. Alois Vogel, a German (1954-1056); and then, Fr. Benito Rixner (1956-1958), also a German. For years the parish remained under the pastoral care of the priests of the Society of the Divine Word. Pastoral supply work on Sunday and weekdays went handy due to the proximity of the church of Christ the King Mission Seminary, the main residence of the SVD missionaries.

In 1989 the SVD Superiors, in keeping with the missionary spirit marked out in the SVD Constitutions, offered the parish to the Archdiocese of Manila. The transfer took place at Easter in 1990 with Msgr. Reynaldo Celso as the First Diocesan Parish Priest. Now, the Immaculate Conception Parish is the Seat of Diocese of Cubao

B. Parish Youth Ministry

The Parish Youth Ministry of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish is the prime ministry of the parish that fosters the spiritual and social dimensions of the youth parishioners of the parish. It takes its humble beginnings dating since the early 90’s and has evolved as the ministry adapts the Jesus And Me Formation Series which is now the main formation given to the young people in the parish and in the diocese. The ICCP-PYM is also actively involved with the activities and formation given by the Diocese of Cubao through the Diocesan Youth Ministry. Former and current youth leaders of the DYM are part of the ICCP – PYM and the God given talents of the ICCP -PYM youth are also shared to other young people of the diocese through music, animation and leadership formation. The ICCP-PYM serves 8 Basic Ecclesial Communities in the Parish and 8 barangays with 195 graduates of 9 Batches of the JAM Formation Camp and hundreds of youth who are members of different parish based youth organizations, sanguniang kabataan and transparochial youth ministries.

Buhayin ang Kabataan.
Pagtibayin ang Samahan.
Pag alabin ang Pananampalataya.
Tungo sa Bagong Simula!

B(Believe) and E(Exist) with C(Christ)


A. PYM Officers

B. Regular Activities

Fomation Programs

Gallery (Pictures)

Contact Information

A. Parish Address

B. Telephone No.


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