The Ministry for Youth Affairs

Holy Family Parish



Name of Parish: Holy Family Parish

Feast Day:2nd Sunday of February

Titular:  Holy Family Parish

Date Established: September 16, 1953

Parish Priest:  Rev. Fr. Joselito M. Irlandes

Address: Madre Silva cor. Lilac Sts., Roxas District, Quezon City

Telephone: (02) 372-1444


Former Parish Priests:

Fr. Melchor Barcelona (1953-1955)

Msgr. Gorgonia Encarnacion (19955-1973)

Msgr. Jose E. Flores (1973-1988)

Fr. Gaudencio Salise (1988-1994)

Msgr. Marcelino Reyes ( 1995-1999) 

Fr. Romerico A. Prieto (1999-2006)


Then known as project 1, the Holy Family Prarish had its beginnings in 1949, when it was taken as a part of the Sacred Heart Parish in Kamuning, Quezon City. The Residents felt the need for having Sunday masses, and parishioners took the initiative of requesting for a priest who would celebrate Mass every Sunday in the Roxas DIstrict. The request was granted, and every Sunday, Fr. Tomas Pacano, SVD, would celebrate Mass under a big acacia tree where the General Roxas Elementary School stands. After the community clamored for a more permanent and fitting place of worship, Fr. Pacano and some residents had small chapel built for the faithful.

The Church was blessed and inaugurated on the feast of the Holy Family in January 1953. On September 16, 1953, the place was made a parish under the patronage of the Holy Family.






PYM Officers (Formation Year 2011-2012)


Vice President (External):
Vice President (Internal):
Secretary Internal:
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Sports Committee:
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Academic Committee:
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Liturgical Committee:
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JAM Batch Heads & Assistants


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Formation Programs


Gallery (Pictures)


Contact Information

A. Parish Address

Madre Silva St. Roxas District
Quezon City

B. Telephone No./Fax




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