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MYA’s Tracks of Formation



The Youth Ministry is in an excellent position of influence in the life, beliefs and integral formation of the individual.

    1. VIRTUE: The Goal of Human Formation

       The Youth of Cubao, as men & women of Virtue, grows in excellence and goodness of human character founded on psycho-emotional integration and modelled after Christ’s example of authentic humanity.

    2. LEARNING: The Goal of Intellectual Formation

      The Youth of Cubao, as a men & women of Learning, grows in a deep, faithful, and contextualized understanding of the mysteries of faith and in pastoral competence and skills for the sake of the mission and evangelization.

     3. SPIRIT: The Goal of Spiritual Formation

     The Youth of Cubao, as a men & women of Spirit, grows in a spirituality, centered on personal communion with God in Christ, in a constant discernment of God’s saving will, in generous response to and participation in Christ’s mission in the Youth Ministry.


The Youth Ministry aims to draw the youth to responsible participation in the life, ministry, and work of the Catholic Faith Community, including the society to which the young is akin.

   4. SERVICE: The Goal of Pastoral Formation

     The Youth of Cubao, as men and women of  Service, grows in commitment to and competence for pastoral leadership and service, especially of their fellow youth, in union with Christ the Good Shepherd and other shepherds in the Church, toward building up of the local Church in communion and mission.


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